Thailand’s Largest Manufacturing and Supporting Industries Event – Manufacturing Expo Bangkok 2023



Manufacturing Expo offers a full spectrum of manufacturing machinery, the widest array of automation technology, mold-making technology, electronics manufacturing technology, and surface and coatings solutions. The expo experiences participation by 1,600 brands from 46 countries.

Furthermore, 58,000+ participants from the manufacturing and supporting industries get to discover the fastest way to better productivity through the technologies and new knowledge in content-rich conferences such as “Automotive Summit” and “The Surface & Coatings Forum.” As the event of the industry gathering manufacturers from across ASEAN, the participants will get to meet industry gurus to get in-depth consultations on their production challenges at “Consultancy Centers.” Complemented by special features such as a “Manufacturing Gallery” and unparalleled networking and business matchmaking programs.

The Manufacturing Expo will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, June 21 to Saturday, June 24, 2023 in Bangkok. The event will spark new ideas and experiences, spawn region-wide business networks, and supply participants with a complete value chain that will make this an all-in-one event that the manufacturing and supporting community cannot miss.

Manufacturing Expo Bkk

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