TPE ASEAN Bangkok Toys and Preschool Expo | Bangkok, Thailand 2023



Bangkok Toys and Preschool Expo Nonthaburi

The TPE ASEAN Bangkok Toys and Preschool Expo is an exclusive trade event in Thailand that brings together all exhibitors of toys, products, and equipment for preschool children under one roof. The exhibition will showcase the latest developments in the toy, amusement, and leisure equipment industry in Thailand that promote early childhood development. Companies from over 10 countries and regions attend the expo, along with trade visitors from various countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Great Britain.

The exhibition targets not only end-users but also heads of educational institutions, parent-child centers, supermarkets, and department stores. With the entertainment and leisure equipment market in Thailand experiencing a surge in demand due to the country’s booming business hub and growing middle class, there are enormous opportunities for development in this industry.

The TPE ASEAN Bangkok Toys and Preschool Expo is scheduled to occur over three days, from Wednesday, September 20th to Friday, September 22nd, 2023, in the city of Nonthaburi.



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