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Corporate Event Management Company in Bangkok


Corporate Event Management Company in Bangkok

 Organizing a professional and corporate level event or a mass engagement conference can sometimes become a gruellingthing to manage. While it is often a basic mind-set that these events are usually boring, it is not the case every time. Pixelmate Expo is one of those corporate event management company that delivers the highest of professional criteria and make sure that everything from planning to its execution is carried out in a trouble-free approach for the clients. We are a chief service provider when it comes to corporate event organizing in Thailand. We diligently plan every detail of an event with proper control where we make sure that the clients are regularly updated at each stage of organizing to keep them in the loop of what has been planned.

Pixelmate Expo has an extensive knowledge in working with corporations and business entities from various radius of industries. Be it a seminar concentratingat professional development, a gathering to celebrate important landmark or a team-building event to stimulatebonding between colleagues, we knuckle down to make it accomplish its goal. Our team looks after every details of event planning, its production and management whichprovides our clientswith a feasibility to focus on the content of their conference, product launch or team building event.Pixelmate Expo is a team of expert designers, production managers and technicians who skilfully take care of lighting, audio, visual presentations, etc. We know that theeasiness to communicate messages and details smoothly and productively is the most important part of an event which should not be hindered.

Some of the important services taken care by us are mentioned as under:

  • Event Planning:- Every event planned by us is a customized and tailor-made solution depending on the motive of each function, its budget and the overall experience that is to be interfaced to the attending delegates.
  • Hunting for Location:- Location is one of the mainingredients of an event as it makes up to be the foundationof any event.
  • Transportation and Logistics:- Besides just arranging vehicles, Pixelmate Expo ensures that enough ground personnel are available to make sure that the arrival of a delegate is efficient and welcoming in a professional way.
  • Conference Planning:- In order to execute a conference successfully, our production team manages all the equipment and a detailed session-by-session event flow which ensures a seamless experience for the speaking delegate as well as the attendees.

Pixelmate Expo offers a full gamut of services and fixes needed for a successful corporate event. We work in a completely flexible and adaptable way which makes sure that a client’s event in Thailand will be remembered and treasured by all the attendees.  So, be it a seminar, a conference, a product launch, an executive retreat, a team-building event, a gala dinner or any other corporate event, we are immensely experienced in handling such events and are ready to go beyond. We are a reputed and a highly known event organizer that excels in innovation and creativeness without losing the core focus and punctuality.

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