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We design & build conversion-focused , storytelling , award-winning exhibits that your customers will love!
We design & build conversion-focused , storytelling , award-winning exhibits that your customers will love!

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In the dynamic realm of business. The role of exhibitions and trade shows is paramount. Offering a distinctive platform for companies to exhibit their innovations. Forge new connections. And bolster their market presence. The key to orchestrating a triumphant exhibition lies in meticulous planning. Imaginative booth design. Flawless booth set-up. A feat achieved with the aid of expert exhibition services. These exhibition services are indispensable. Equipping businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to turn their exhibition aspirations into reality.

Exhibition services are a comprehensive suite tailored to address every facet of exhibition planning and execution. By enlisting the expertise of professionals in exhibition services. Companies gain access to customized exhibit solutions that resonate with their specific goals. Target audience. And brand ethos. Central to any successful exhibition is a captivating trade show booth. A domain where exhibition services shine. Crafting spaces that not only draw attention but also foster meaningful interactions.

Professional exhibition services are at the forefront of transforming your vision into a tangible reality. Employing cutting-edge booth design trends and technologies to fabricate and set-up booths that mirror your brand’s essence and values. Whether it’s a minimalist approach emphasizing product display. Or a narrative-driven experience. These exhibition services ensure your booth stands out and speaks volumes about your brand.

Beyond booth design. The orchestration of an exhibition encompasses comprehensive event management. Ensuring every aspect of the event is seamlessly coordinated. From logistics to attendee engagement. Exhibition stand construction is another critical element. Where professional exhibition services guarantee the creation of durable, visually appealing stands, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

In essence, maximizing your exhibition presence demands a holistic approach. Leveraging exhibition services to not only booth design and construct your booth construct. But also to strategize on visitor engagement, product presentation, and lead follow-up. By partnering with a seasoned provider of exhibition services like Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. Businesses can transcend their strategic goals. Crafting an exhibition experience that leaves a lasting impression. And paves the way for future success in the competitive landscape of trade shows and exhibitions.

Exhibition Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. is Certified Exhibit Booth Design & Booth Build Company that builds show stopper booths that are a fabulous and high impact. We have more than a decade of experience as exhibit booth designers and exhibition booth contractors in Bangkok and have dealt with a diverse section of clients. We are with you from start to finish.
At Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. we take that responsibility. We will communicate with the organizers of the event and do the needful. To construct and dismantle your exhibit booth our installation team will be on site. They will complete the work within the required time frames.
At Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. we like client to sit back and relax and enjoy the process there is no need to worry. Team Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. take care of it all. No matter which the location we design, build, transport, and dismantle everything. To accommodate delivery of exhibit booth of all sizes we have a range of different vehicles.
At Pixelmate Exhibition Co., Ltd. throughout the process, you will be updated about the work by our client services manager. This means that from start to finish someone will be there at your service as acting as a point of contact and this person will be involved throughout the process, he or she will be able to take on your objectives by getting to know the project.

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